Upload file notes:

FTP login directory structure as follows:br>
root directory
|- wwwroot website root directory, please upload the page file to this directory.
|- logfiles Web log files, the system automatically generates, does not occupy your space.
|- database Access database file can be stored in the directory,
The absolute path for the d:\wwwroot\FTP user name \database.
Note that your web page must be stored in the wwwroot directory to be accessed, the default site of the document is index.html, index.htm, default.asp,
This web page file named index.htm is your host automatically after the creation of the system generated, you can delete or use their own coverage.
Recommend that you use the CUTEFTP or LEAFTP and other software to upload,
If you encounter in the upload can not be listed directory and so on, please try to upload the software PASV mode to turn off.